Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh boy. .so called NEW trends for 2015...

I don't know if I can "get behind " some of these trends.

Stick to shapes,  items that flatter your figure.
Not every trend is "right" for every body.

That being said,  I Love and admire people that Dare to be different!!!


No doubt about that! !!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Proving wearing an All color black outfit, can be absolutely Fierce!!
Different Texture, Plus Beautiful Purse!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Need I say more? ??
That fabulous braid,  furry boots,  shiny bag,  great coat  (I'm loving the ruffles on shoulders!).

Love this!

Thank you, Anita!
Stay Fierce!


Great Style!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An awesome Fashion "DO"

A Fashion Must in my eyes is to be BOLD, COLORFUL, AND EXPRESS YOURSELF ! NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE THINK! This lady, Brittany did just that. She's MY fashion DO of the day! Met her in Connecticut today while my niece got a passport, outside the passport office. She was gracious enough to let me take a photo of her and post it on my blog. She's an inspiration for me. Lots of color and very Bold! I love her look. Very harajuku!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

MyMoon Restaurant

I called MyMoon restaurant, the manager answer, I ask if their all booked with reservations?, his reply was"Yes".  I then asked if he had availability now? He replied "Ah, Yes". I said "ok" then quickly hung up. It was only around 7:30pm. I told My wife to DRIVE! We were only 5 mins. away .  When we walked in, not looking all dressed upbut bundled up instead , the manager looked down at us and asked if we had reservations? We looked around at a near empty restaurant. Surprised and insulted. I told him I had been the one who called. Ahhhhhh. That shook his memory. "Ahh, yes!You called!" Handed the guy menus for us and placed us in the way back. Way way way back. So our "ugly selves" by their standards could be hinden. We sat down and ordered a bottle of prosecco, which was excellent, eventhough overpriced-but that's to be expected.  We did not order any appetizers just straight to entrées. I had the hanger steak with vegetables, she had the sea bass with the BEST I'VE EVER TASTED FRIED POTATOES (cylinder shaped with a delicious sauce inside). I mean this when I say best ever fried potatoes. This should be sold as a huge dish of it's own!!!! I've tried fried potaoes, and french fries from all over and this one was the most delightful. It almost made up for their attitude.  The atmosphere was beautiful, though I wish we hadn't have been put near the bathroom. Their attitude was unforgiveable. Judging us solely on our coats! How rude! The hanger steak was good as were the vegetables and the sea bass but not excellent. Then came the deliciously SOUNDING dessert. Vanilla creme with liquor and rasberry creme something...I'm not describing it well because it ending up tasting the opposite!!! Reddi whip tastes better than the dessert they gave us!!! The dessert was HORRID!!!Simply horrid. I can't believe they served that, none the less it was very very TINY and $10! For something the slightest bit bigger than a shot glass! I sent it back and they were in shock! I don't understand how anyone ate it before! They asked me what I didn't like about it. I answered "Everything. It had no flavor." Other than that our dinner wasn't worth the price. I did love the FRIED POTATOES though. But the rest of the dinner wasn't impressive. But the space is amazing! Wish the ALL the food was just as amazing as the space. Our waiter was gracious and nice, so I left a big tip, because I'm not an asshole. It wasn't the waiters fault.

Here's to reviewing more places!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dinner with celebrities

Last week M and I had dinner with celebrities. The manager (wonderful, good looking, funny, charmer of a man) of Madiba ( a terrific South African restaurant in brooklyn on dekalb) he cooked the most delicious dinner ever for all of us. The company was U.N. Ambassador of Botswana, such a charming, handsome man, beautiful young man, and wonderful brilliant and gorgeous women fashion and all around business entrepreneurs from South Africa. All the company was so brilliant,  charming, beautiful, and funny. They made me feel at home, despite them being smarter than me by far even about my own country. They were all so wonderful. I felt like I had known them in another lifetime. I'd love to go to Botswana and South Africa with them someday soon, just gotta save up for airfare. Always wanted to travel the world!! Especially with such great friends!